i ask you reader for help , anyone can help me

I am looking for help, anyone can help, I have a story to tell but if you have mercy we can talk together in private . Most people want to hear the story before they can give but some they can just help without even want to know “why where what who when” thank you .
WHO ? I am Calvin Mazvazva
WHERE. ? In South Africa
WHAT ? Anything, for example: Money , clothes , items etc
WHEN ? Anytime
WHY ? I am very poor and I decided to find help in this way , I really know that some people can help with the above mentioned [see WHAT ] . If you have something you wish to give please contact me my email address is calvinmazvazva@gmail.com .
I will share with you more about myself but please I beg you to help me my situation needs you . I will appreciate anything do for me as you will. Oh I can say I need help. God please help us! Amen .