I think it is better for you not to worry about what will happen after death. Everyone knows that there is a place called Heaven and another place called Hell. Evil people are going to Hell after death , Hell is a place where people will be tortured by unquenchable fire for ever. Righteous people are going to Heaven after death, Heaven is a place where people will be happy for ever with God and Jesus Christ. I hope everyone wants to be in Heaven after death. This is what people believe. Ok that’s good. But Jesus Christ said (JOHN 8 vs 31) Jesus told the people who had faith in him, “If you keep on obeying what I have said, you truly are my disciples.” He also said (JOHN 8 vs 51) “I tell you for certain that if you obey my words, you will never die.” This shows that you must obey what Jesus Christ have said and you will not die. (1Corinthians 15 vs 51) apostle Paul said “I will explain a mystery to you. Not every one of us will die, but we will all be changed.”. I understand that will be changed from this physical bodies into spiritual bodies. Time for this process is known by God the creator. I am advising everyone to have faith in Jesus christ and obey his commands. Time for trouble is coming for everyone who rebels against him. ( Matthew 24 vs 46 Servants are fortunate if their master comes and finds them doing their job.) This shows if you fail to obey his commands you will be unfortunate, that is to fail to go heaven. Hell is for unfaithful servants of Jesus Christ together with evil people (Mathew 24 vs 48 But suppose one of the servants thinks the master won’t return until late. 49 Suppose this evil servant starts beating the other servants and eats and drinks with people who are drunk. 50 If that happens, the master will surely come on a day and at a time when the servant least expects him. 51 This servant will then be punished and thrown out with the ones who only pretended to serve their master. There they will cry and grit their teeth in pain. ) . Some people need to search and search about what will happen to us after death but the answer is Heaven is for faithful servants of Jesus Christ while Hell is for unfaithful servants of Jesus Christ together with evil people, which means you will be in one of these places. (Revelation 22 vs 12 Then I was told:
I am coming soon! And when I come, I will reward everyone for what they have done.) Don’t worst your time trying to search what time will this happen , you will never know ( Matthew 24 vs 36 No one knows the day or hour. The angels in heaven don’t know, and the Son himself doesn’t know. Only the Father knows.) Heaven or Hell is yours and the time is set for you by God. Thank you.

Posted by calvin mazvazva from Jesus christ followers.



  1. Sadly I can’t agree with any point you make here. Are you aware that the bible refers to Jesus as going to Hades, that Sheol, Hades and Hell are all used to provide reference to the same state and that Death is the opposite to life.

    Here is another point to think on – God created humans, the devil corrupts them so God rewards the Devil with the job of looking after the fires of Hell?

    No God and Satan have no common interests. The Bible says when we die we are dead, check Psalms, Eccl, Matthew, John and so many other accounts.

    Don’t confuse the lake of fire with hell because in Revelation that is where Hell ends up with Satan and his followers.

    It is a challenge but find out about Hell and why the Catholic Church adopted it as did Islam and so many other religious groups.


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